Safety Corner

Safety Corner

Safety Corner

Monthly Safety tips from the meetings will be summarized and links provided (if applicable) here so everyone can see the tips.

October 5th, 2023 Philip Lanni Safety Officer:  





The S.E.E. System helps riders anticipate potential problems while riding our motorcycles. This is 
good for open roads as it is in urban areas.

SEARCH: As we ride our eyes wander. We ride to see sights and become tourists of a sort, especially 
in places we are seeing for the first time. Do not be too comfortable letting your eyesight lock in 
on passing sights. We want to search the landscape for any potential issues like a weaving car in 
front of us, possible construction work, wild animals. Always check your mirrors for cars that 
might be approaching more quickly than you might feel comfortable. Look about 12 seconds ahead. 
This is a guideline and you should establish your own comfort zone.

EVALUATE: Identify areas where potential problems can be. A junction, a squirrel darting across the 
road, a dog in a passing yard. These are visual clues that can help you prepare for any 
eventuality. Watch for informational signs like School Zones, changes in posted speed limits.

EXECUTE: Once you have identified potential areas where a problem could exist, formulate your 
action plan. Part of defensive driving is developing a second nature of always knowing where your 
“exit” will be.

This seems like it is a lot to think about while riding, but it is not really. We always want to be 
as safe as possible. Learning this system can help us stay safe. Most of us probably do this 
without even realizing it.

Ride and have fun and stay safe.
This and other tips can be found at:


November 2nd, 2023 Philip Lanni Safety Officer:  

Year in review. Philip went over a brief summary of the topics discussed during 2023 monthly meeting.


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